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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We take so much care when preparing to travel, whether it is for work or a vacation. We can't get onto a flight without a passport in hand, luggage, some form of money so that we can then check-in before boarding a flight.

When it comes to our own wellbeing, imagine taking the same about of focus, effort and attention as preparing to travel?

I have spoken to many people who explain that their time is limited, they cannot invest in their own self-care or spend time to reflect. In one recent case, a client explained that he checks his phone first thing in the morning and can just about view his screen through his sleepy eyes. If there are urgent work matters, he forgets everything else, connects onto his laptop and starts to work.

By the time it comes to preparing for the day, having breakfast, doing other things, he is trying to chase time. He explained that if he had some sort of check-list in place on the things he wants to do for himself each day, he would try to shift his life around a bit. He has realized that waking up earlier than necessary to work may not be good for his well-being nor his work.

What can we learn from the airport check-in process and apply it in our own lives?

Let's have a look at how we can apply these principles within our own lives to enhance wellbeing and self-care.

  1. No phone morning - Looking at the phone first thing in the morning triggers stressors in the brain which impact the rest of the day

  2. Start the day with something positive - from a morning walk, exercise, relaxing cup of tea to practicing a form of mindfulness

  3. Eat well - regardless of which lifestyle of eating we follow, having healthy and wholesome food which nourish the body and provide mental support

  4. Movement - exercise is essential for our bodies, minds and emotions. Think about the feel good hormones, working muscles to strengthening the heart, some form of exercise is key

  5. Right Focus - do things which require your attention and time be that work, family priorities to other important activities

  6. Treat yourself with distractions - social media has its benefits so using it in the right way is key. Set time for distractions to avoid using social media to put off the key things which need to get done

  7. Use time like money - because time is so precious, be wise in how it is used. We wouldn't go around throwing our money away, so why do that with time. Look at what is important and requires your time, everything else can be managed through delegation, saying no or through outsourcing

  8. Mindset - do something each day which nourishes the mind, from reading, learning or taking a course

  9. Upgrade healthy habits - even if we move from 3 bars of chocolate down to 1, this is working towards reducing a habit which doesn't serve us

  10. Heart - do things which warm you heart and make you feel good, from spending time with loved ones, doing a hobby to cooking a meal

Here is a checklist you can use as an example to help you get started:

Once we realize the importance of self checking-in, we can start to make conscious efforts to build positive habits and slowly the unhealthy habits will shift.

Are you ready to check-in?

If the themes covered in this article resonate with you or you would like to know more about the importance of self-care and its impact on us, reach out to me.

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